Introvert: The inner self that has been misunderstood


Lately, I’ve been reading about one’s personality. I’m no a psychologist student but I enjoy reading this kind of thing. It all started after I answered a personality test, and you can try one!

Jung Typology Test

Before that, let me remind you that the test consists of 72 questions and you might have hard times to answer those questions!

Okay, move on. Based on the result, I am ISTP which is I=Introverted, S=Sensing, T=Thinking and P=Perceiving. There are other categories such as INTP, ENFJ, ENFP and so on but in this entry, I’m going to write about the first letter only; I=Introverted and it’s counterpart, E=Extroverted.

What exactly Introversion and Extroversion?

1. The terms introversion and extroversion were first popularized by Carl Jung (psychologist) in 1920.
2. These two are recognized as core aspects of people’s personalities.

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